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La Marzocco Screen & Group Gasket

Astoria Group Head Gasket & Screen Set

Gasket and screen kit for all La Marzocco espresso machines, features a combination of flat and conical seal.  Set includes 1 gasket, 1 gasket spacer, and 1 Stainless steel screen.

A note about gasket replacement:
Gaskets and screens on most espresso machines should be replaced regularly, typically between 6-12 month intervals.  Regular replacement assures you are serving the best quality espresso to your customers, and the old gaskets will be easier to remove.  Gasket and screen replacement can be done in a matter of minutes and does not require the machine to be shut down.   The older the gaskets get, the harder and more brittle they become, eventually water will leak out of the rim of your portafilter causing a loss of pressure, poor extraction, and a big mess.  Very old gaskets can be very difficult to remove, so please feel free to call if you encounter any problems.

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La Marzocco Screen & Group Gasket
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