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Saeco INCANTO DELUXE super automatic home espresso machine.

From beginning to end, the Saeco Incanto Deluxe has every detail right to give you the best possible shot of espresso. Your beans are stored in a dark tinted hopper; this protects them from the damaging effects of light, moisture, and air. When you press the brew button the correct amount of beans are ground using a built-in ceramic disc grinder, which can be adjusted to vary the fineness of the grind for different coffee strengths. The grounds are then pre-infused, which brings out the depths of the coffee oils and aromas. Last, the espresso is dispensed directly into your cup, which you can preheat on the machine’s active cup warmer. From start to finish, the Saeco Incanto Deluxe takes each step seriously, and delivers an incredible shot of espresso.

All this takes place inside the Incanto Deluxe’s sleek and modern metal frame. ABS protective plastic on the top makes this machine even more durable, and the swivel base allows you to move the machine with ease, so it’s not a hassle when you need to free up a bit of counter space. This machine was designed with a home kitchen in mind – its impressive looks and quiet brewing and grinding allow it to fit in well to different settings, no matter how many people in the household drink espresso. Even non-coffee drinkers will love the automatic steam and hot water wand, perfect for dispensing hot water for soups and teas, as well as steaming and frothing milk for steamers, chai lattes, or hot cocoas.

The stainless steel steam wand makes for easy frothing, so you can quickly begin making your own cappuccinos, lattes, and other drinks. Indeed, you are completely in control whenever you use this machine. The Rapid Steam system gives you separate boilers for brewing and steaming, so you can move between brewing and steaming without long lag time. Use the 3 programmable brew settings for different drinks, and turn the Saeco Brewing System (SBS knob) to fine-tune the extraction even while brewing. The grind settings are also adjustable, so you can grind finer for a stronger cup of coffee, or coarser for a milder one. If you prefer a different blend than the beans in the hopper, all you have to do is pour pre-ground coffee into the bypass doser and the Incanto Deluxe will brew using that instead.

• Push-Button Technology
• Saeco Easy Clean System
• Saeco Brewing System (SBS)Technology:
• Rapid Steam®
• Pannarello Wand
• Saeco Aroma Sytem
• Saeco OptiDose
• 15 Bar Pump
• Programmable Buttons
• Ceramic Disc Grinder
• Pre-Ground Bypass Doser
• Adjustable Dispensing Head
• Removable Water Tank
• Aqua Prima Water Filter
• Internal Dregdrawer:

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