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Bosch Benevenuto B30

Bosch BENVENUTO B30 super automatic home espresso machine

Complementing the Bosch Benvenuto B30’s classy look are a simple control system and heavy-duty features that make creating your favorite drinks with this espresso machine a daily pleasure. Inside the B30’s black and silver housing lies not only a 7-14 gram capacity brew group, which allows you to brew a true double shot in one brewing cycle, but also 2 stainless steel-lined thermoblock boilers that virtually eliminate the wait time between brewing and steaming. This Bosch espresso maker also features an LED display screen that does everything from walking you through the brewing process to navigating the menu system and providing maintenance and cleaning alerts.

The outside of the Benvenuto is just as impressive as the inside. With its easy-to-use selector dials, the B30 lets you customize how much coffee you brew – from a single 1 oz cup to two 6 oz cups – and gives you the option of choosing from 6 different strength settings. After selecting the volume and strength of your brew, just press the Café button, and the Benvenuto B30’s internal conical burr grinder goes to work grinding the beans contained in the 8oz bean hopper to the grind setting you’ve chosen using the 6-setting grind selection knob in the hopper. If you’d like to use a different coffee than what’s already in the hopper, the Benvenuto will even accommodate preground coffee in its 7-14 gram capacity bypass doser.

Once your beans have been ground or you’ve added preground coffee to this cappuccino maker, the B30’s AromaSwirl technology kicks in, first pre-infusing the grounds with water and then tamping them. This produces a more evenly extracted brew and therefore, a better tasting coffee. When brewing is complete, simply turn the function selector knob to either release hot water and create an americano, or to release steam so that you can froth and steam milk using the dual position frother for a delectable cappuccino or latte. And thanks to the B30’s 2 stainless steel-lined thermoblock boilers, switching between brewing and steaming is virtually instantaneous.

Keeping the Benvenuto clean is just as easy as making a drink. With the built in Claris Water Filtration System, lime scale and other impurities are filtered out before they even make it inside the machine, so descaling is eliminated, and your coffee’s flavor is enhanced. Even if you don’t use the filtration system, the machine keeps things simple for you. Not only will the LED screen alert you when the B30 needs to be descaled or cleaned, the machine also has 1-touch buttons that begin the built-in, automated cleaning and descaling processes. The LED also alerts you when the bean hopper or 64 oz removable reservoir needs to be refilled, and even when the internal dump box needs to be emptied.

Other Features:
• LED Display
• Push Button Technology and Indicator lights
• Adjustable Brew Volume
• Adjustable Dosing Control
• AromaSwirl Pre-infusion Technology
• Bypass Ground Coffee Doser
• Conical Burr Grinder
• 64oz Removable Water Tank
• Claris Water Filtration System
• 8 oz Bean Hopper


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Bosch Benevenuto B30
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