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Bosch Benevenuto B20

Bosch BENVENUTO B20 super automatic home espresso machine

The Bosch Benvenuto B20 is a masterful blend of design, usability, and solid good looks. On the top front of the machine, you’ll find a unique indicator panel that’s red backlighting illuminates icons that let you know what function the machine is performing. It will also alert you when it’s time to refill the 64oz removable reservoir, refill the bean hopper, or run a cleaning or descaling cycle – just to name a few. Complementing this simple display are easy-to-use control knobs that allow you to choose to brew anywhere from 1 to 12 oz of coffee per brewing cycle and select one of 6 strength options, so each cup is perfectly customized to suit your personal taste.

Once you’ve selected your brewing options, just press the Café button to start the B20 grinding the whole beans that you’ve added to its 8 oz bean hopper. The Benvenuto’s steel conical burr grinder can be set to 6 different fineness settings, so brewing everything from a café crema to a perfect espresso is as simple as turning a knob and pressing a button. But Bosch knows that everyone likes a little something different, so they’ve also included the ability for you to brew using up to 14 grams of preground coffee in the machine’s bypass doser. No matter if you use preground or freshly ground coffee, the Bosch takes the grounds and preinfuses them before brewing – using AromaSwirl technology – for a better tasting coffee. When you’re ready to top off that fresh brew, just turn the machines’ function selector knob to the steaming position and, thanks to its 2 stainless steel-lined thermoblock boilers, you’ll instantaneously be able to use the B20’s dual position steam wand to create mountains of creamy frothed milk

The Bosch B20 makes it easy to brew, but even easier to clean up. After brewing, spent grounds are automatically ejected into an internal dump box for later disposal, and when it needs to be emptied, the B20’s indicator panel will let you know. This display center will also tell you when the machine needs to be cleaned or descaled – both of which are extremely easy processes thanks to dedicated cleaning and descaling buttons right on the front of the espresso machine. And just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier, Bosch made this espresso coffee maker with a built-in Claris water filtration system that allows you to avoid descaling altogether when it’s used properly.

Other Features:
• Central Display Panel and Push Button Technology
• Adjustable Volume and Dosing Control Knobs
• AromaSwirl Pre-infusion Technology
• Bypass Ground Coffee Doser
• Conical Burr Grinder
• Dual Position Frother, Hot Water Dispenser
• 64oz Removable Water Tank
• Claris Water Filtration System
• 8 oz Bean Hopper
• Removable Internal Dump Box

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Bosch Benevenuto B20
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