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Canister style Water Softener


4,500 Grain Canister Water Softener

Traditional style espresso machine water softener offers 4500 grains of hardness reduction, treats approximately 2,500 gallons of water at 30 PPM of hardness. Unit must be manually refreshed approximately every 6-8 months, in order to maintain effectiveness. 15”h x 8”, 20lb

PN# 700029


How do water softeners work?
Water softeners replace unwanted magnesium and calcium ions with sodium ions, which have none
of the negative effects of hard water. To do this, hard water runs through a bed of small resin
beads that have sodium ions attached to them. As the water flows through, the sodium ions—which
also occur naturally in water—are released into the water and are replaced with the magnesium and
calcium ions on the resin beads.

Why do water softeners need regeneration?
Eventually, the beads in a water softener contain nothing but calcium and magnesium ions and stop
being effective. To refresh the system, a brine solution of sodium chloride—made from salt pellets or block
salt—is flushed through the system, which replaces all calcium and magnesium in the system with
sodium. The calcium and magnesium, along with the remaining brine, is then drained and flushed with clean water.

What are the advantages?
Canister style systems work on exactly the same principle as the replaceable cartridge based systems, except that when the resin beads become full of minerals and are no longer effective,  the canister sytem can be refreshed and used again.  Disposable water softener cartridges must be replaced.  With proper maintenance, canister based systems offer excellent protection from mineral scale, and are the most cost effective solution in the long run.

What are the disadvantages?
Canister style systems MUST be refreshed to maintain effectiveness.  This process can be preformed by a service professional or by you in a sink with a few extra hoses.  The process is not difficult and can be completed in less than an hour.  The problem is that MANY people do not keep up on the annual or semi-annual service required, the result is completely innefective scale protection.  



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Canister style Water Softener
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