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Vitamix Touch & Go 2 On-counter Blender

The Touch & Go 2 Blending Station® allows you to blend any kind of drink consistently at the touch of a button. Low and High Speed Pulse Control adds versatility to non-programmed blending, while the Variable Control has 93 available speeds for ultimate flexibility. The durable sound-abatement cover reduces noise level while the advanced technology motor runs cooler and resists overheating.

The Vitamix T&G 2  has 34 blending programs optimized for performance enhancement. These programs will blend virtually all drink recipes! Each program combines the right speed and timing to eliminate the guesswork and is customizable for signature drinks with a simple programming chip. The programming for the Advance machines is optimized for the XP Container and Blade, so performance is increased while blending time is reduced! The shorter cover allows the Blending Station to fit closer to the wall even when open – perfect for tight spaces! A new easy-to-grip handle and unique cover hinge design continues to allow for smooth opening and closing with no fear of it slamming shut.

• EXTRA POWER! With a powerful motor, the Blending Station Advance runs cooler and resists overheating. This extra power combines with the Xtreme Performance Container and enhanced blade design to handle thicker ingredients with ease and speed.

• IMPROVED BLADE DESIGN! Our new, patented long XP blade is made of hardened stainless steel, increases blending speed and reduces blending time.

• XTREME PERFORMANCE CONTAINER! The 48 oz. /1.4 L. XP Container has been designed with a wide base to create a powerful vortex that continually circulates ingredients through the blades, significantly reducing cavitation and reducing processing time by one-third. No more shaking the container! Plus, the lid has a removable plug to allow users to add ingredients while blending!

• PRE-PROGRAMMED! 6 buttons with 34 recipe options to choose from allow you to blend any kind of drink consistently. We offer the most recipe programs in the industry!

• PERFECT DRINKS! Buttons are programmed for accurate speed and timing for perfectly blended, homogenized drinks without chunks of ice.

• QUIET! Built-in sound-abatement features reduce the noise levels for improved customer experience.

• SAVE COUNTER SPACE! With our new streamlined cover, the Blending Station Advance fits closer to the wall and has lower overall height than previous models.

• CUSTOMIZABLE! Optional programming ability available to customize drinks and ensure consistency from location to location (software needed).

 Model #: 38000

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Vitamix Touch & Go 2  On-counter Blender
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