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La Marzocco LINEA AV Automatic Espresso Machine

     La Marzocco is widely considered to be the top of the line of espresso machines.  The key feature of all La Marzocco coffee machines is the dual-boiler technology and saturated brewing groups.  


     To achieve a faultless quality in the cup there is a boiler dedicated to coffee brewing that is entirely independent of a second boiler used exclusively for steam and hot water for tea or other beverages.  This system, unlike the traditional system with a single boiler used by most coffee machine manufacturers, ensures a unequalled thermal stability, the determining factor for achieving a satisfying result in the cup.  Another advantage of the dual boiler is the quantity and quality of the steam dispensed, greatly superior to any other coffee machine.

     These heavy-duty machines have helped to establish some of the most prestigious independent coffee bars as well as global leaders in specialty coffee retail.  These are the reasons why the Linea has, over time, become a benchmark in the professional espresso coffee machine industry.

* Dual boiler technology with saturated brew groups
* Stainless steel boilers and brewing groups
* Stainless steel base and housing
* Omni-directional steam wands in stainless steel
* Sight glass
* Available in automatic (AV) and semiautomatic (EE) versions
* Semiautomatic back-up system on AV configurations
* Solid stainless steel housing and base
* 5 group configuration available by special request

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La Marzocco LINEA AV Automatic Espresso Machine
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