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Iberital Electronic Dosing Espresso Grinder

Increase consistency and speed of service with the Electronic automatic portion grinder. Using an auto-dosing grinder  is an easy way to automate traditional espresso preparation because it automatically dispenses just the right amount of espresso instantly into the portafilter.  This grinder is also marketed under the Azkoyen Capriccio brand name, but both grinders are exactly the same.

Placing a group handle from the espresso machine under the grinder activates grinding and dosing. The benefits are perfect espresso every time, with no waste.


    * Automatic portion grinding and dosing
    * Instant grind on demand or pre-grinding feature
    * Programmable Single & Double portions
    * Consistent grinding and dosing
    * Removable hopper
    * Quiet operation
    * Compact footprint
    * Reduces coffee waste
    * Ditting 64mm burrs grind 3,000 pounds


    * Color: Metallic Grey
    * Burrs: 64mm
    * Hopper Capacity: 3 Pounds


    * Height: 24.0“
    * Width: 7.6”
    * Depth: 14.6“
    * Weight: 35.3 Pounds
    * Electrical: 115V 60 Hz

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Iberital Electronic Dosing Espresso Grinder
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