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Iberital CLASSICA Automatic Espresso Machine

The Iberital Classica Line provides all the standard features of the L'Anna line as well as an upgraded touch pad, stainless steel side panels, and lever steam valves standard on each machine.   Available in both 2 and three group sizes, the classica line is a "workhorse" style machine, with the largest available boilers, 14L for the 2 group, and a huge 20L for the 3 group.  It features all of the same internal components and functions of the NEW line, with a more economical body design.  All Iberital espresso machines feature easily removable body panels for improved access to the internals to simplify maintenance. 

    * Programmable Electronic Volumetric dosage (four different doses and continuous)
    * Independent electronic CPU's for each group (2GR & 3GR espresso machines)
    * Steam outlet pipe in stainless steel (2 steam outliets for 2GR and 3GR espresso machines)
    * Pump and motor built in.
    * Programmable hot water outlet from CPU.
    * Hot water outlet anti-splash directly from water mains or the boiler.
    * Heating element protector device built-in.
    * Visual water level of the boiler built-in.
    * Automatic water fill up of the boiler
    * Easy location of the boiler drain-out tap.
    * Starter relay 25A built-in.
    * Lever Steam Valves.
    * Finishes on side panels: stainless steel
    * Available in traditional and raised group heads.

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Iberital CLASSICA Automatic Espresso Machine
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