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CMC Espresso
4 Sided Kiosk

    A fully enclosed Kiosk offers maximum counterspace, storage and presence for any location.  There are nearly endless possibilities of size configuration.  Kiosks can be made to set against a wall, in a corner with back bars, or as a 4 sided island in a shopping mall.  With our 3D autocad capabilities you can see various layouts and colors to easily pick the one that fits your needs and location.

This is a 627-BC espresso cart, 2 - stepped corners, a 5' unit with built-in merchandise display, a 4' storage cart, and 2 - 5' back bar units.  Fits a 10' x 10' location This is an 827-JC blended beverage cart, 2 - 8' storage carts, a 5' storage unit, 4 angled corner units, Recessed panel facia, and  full cabinet canopy with crown menu lights. Fits a 15' x 15' location This is an 827-JC Beverage cart, 8' storage cart, 4' storage cart, 2 - 45° stepped corners, 2 - 8' back bar units, full cabinet canopy and menu light.  Fits a 16' x 15' location.
  This is a 420-BC espresso cart, with a 6' angled corner unit, 5' sandwich prep cart, 5' steam table cart, 8' back bar, and custom logo raised panels in the front.  Fits a 9' x 14' location