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2 Sided "L" Kiosk

     Adding a second cart to one of our fully equipped models provides additional staorage space and valuable counterspace for extra equipment.  Side returns can be on either side of your main unit depending on the needs of your location.  Many different sizes and combinations are available.  Please look at the gallery for this category for a few examples of what is possible.

Shown is two 420-BC units, Stepped corner, and front wing option. Built custom for Ghirardelli Chocolate. Shown is a 420-BC main unit, a 5' side cart with built in steam table, custom stainless tray rail and sneeze-guard brackets. Shown is a 420-BC with a 600-ICA and an additional 30" separate cart
Shown is a 627-BC and a 600-ICR combination Shown is an 827-JC main unit, 600-ICR, Peaked roof canopy, and canopy corner accent. Shown is an 827-JC main unit, 600-ICR, and peaked canopy.