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Portable Multiple Coffee Cart Kiosks

     By combining two or more steel framed portable carts you can create virtually any size service platform. Typically when units are ordered together as a kiosk there are a few alterations that are made from a standard individual cart. First we make all casters swivel so that multiple units can be moved together as a group after they have been bolted together. Second certain countertop overhangs, and cart trims are removed or relocated so that the kiosk components fit together neatly. Most kiosks can be set up or dismantled in a matter of a few of hours, providing maximum flexibility and portability of even the largest kiosks. There are many options available to customize a kiosk to your specific needs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to call out toll free number.

2 Sided "L" 3 Sided "U" 4 Sided
2 Sided L 3 Sided U 4 Sided
 Canopy Options Kiosk Options  
 Canopy Options Kiosk Options