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Coffee Carts

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800 Series Accessory Units Canopies and Options


What makes our coffee carts different?

RECYCLED Moisture resistant counter substrate
All CMC carts and kiosks feature heavy duty 1" thick Medex counter substrate, with a industrial grade Formica surface laminate.  Many competitors use 3/4" basic plywood or even particle board for their countertops.   Medex® represents the highly versatile ideal of SierraPine Sustainable Design Fiberboard (SDF)*. Medex® is a powerful combination of moisture resistance, superior MDF board properties, and a formaldehyde free adhesive system. Medex® has a rock solid track record of superior design capabilities and environmental stewardship around the world.

* 100% recycled wood fiber (dry fiber basis)
* Formaldehyde-free adhesive system
* Especially suitable in interior applications where moisture is a concern, Medex does succeed in the 6 cycle accelerated aging test
* Superior physical properties to standard MDF. Truly high performance screwholding
* CHPS Compliant - California section 01350 approved


Impact Protection
The "shock absorbing" corner guards prevent unsightly damaged corners. Made from Durable ABS plastic, these are removable and replaceable.

Heavy duty Steel Box Frame
For maximum durability and structural integrity many CMC carts feature a steel skeleton frame.  This heavy duty frame is made from 3/16 thick x 1 1/2" Angle steel, with fully welded joints.  The Casters are bolted through the cart floor and 5" x 5" welded steel plates, for maximum load capacity.  This frame is then coated with a thick FDA approved white gloss powdercoat finish, which is baked on in a high temperature oven.   The result is an ultra tough frame that is easy to clean, and protected from rust.  All cart panels and components are supported by this box frame, ensuring years of lasting durability. 


Waterproof Interior Panels
For all framed portable carts we use 19mm expanded PVC for the cart floor and a combination of 19mm and 12mm for interior walls.  Celtec® Marine is made from rigid expanded PVC material whose extraordinary combination of features makes it ideal for wood trim and plywood replacement in boat manufacturing. Its closed cell structure does not absorb water and acts as a water barrier. Because of its staple pull and screw pull strength, Celtec® Marine is ideal for applications in marine upholstery, seat backs, seat bottoms, trim for rough fiberglass openings, brackets, cabinets, etc.  For safety purposes Celtec Marine™ is lead, cadmium, barium and zinc free.