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CMC Espresso has been a cart and kiosk manufacturer since 1997.   As you can imagine over that period of time we have built hundreds of carts and kiosks.  We have found some great parts over that period of time and designed some of our own.

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Stay Sharp!


Sharp burrs are essential for an accurate even grind to your espresso.  A good comparrison is the difference between chopping with a good chef's knife vs. a hammer.  Sharp blades provide even cuts and particles that are all about the same size.  Dull blades pulverize coffee into a variety of different sized fragments which prevents even extraction of the coffee oils. Dull burrs also create heat which alters the intended flavor of the espresso.  It is nearly impossible to pour consistent shots from a grinder with dull burs.


How often do Grinder burrs need to be replaced?
A good rule of thumb is to replace burrs annually.  This usually equates to a volume of approximately 800-1000lbs of espresso.  Some grinders feature ceramic burrs which have a life expectancy double that of typical burrs.


Get the right burrs for your grinder.
We carry burrs for over 20 brands of commercial grinder, if you don't see what you need here, give us a call toll free @ 888-584-8881 so we can get you the right burrs for your grinder.



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Not sure what you need?

CMC Espresso is the primary espresso equipment service provider to all of Southern Oregon, and parts of Northern California.  We service all brands of espresso equipment and stock over 600 standard parts.  Listed in this section you will find some of our more commonly sold parts,  If you are not sure what part you need for your machine, or don't see the part you are looking for, Give us a call Toll Free @ 888-584-8881.  Our freindly and knowledgeable service technicians are ready to help.

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please refer to the SIZE CHART.

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Basic information about Water Quality, Filtration and Softening.


     The condition of your water is vital to espresso quality and the longevity of your espresso equipment.  There are three basic types of water filtration/conditioning commonly used, the following information will help you understand the diferences between various systems.

 Filtered water: 
      Usually a carbon based filter medium, filters will remove particulate matter down to a specified micron rating (ex. .5 micron).  Filtered water will generally remove harmful bacterias, cysts, as well as chlorine and other undesireable tastes, odors, and turbidity.  However filtered water alone does nothing to help prevent mineral scale buildup in your equipment.

Softened water: 
      A water softener actually removes the minerals that can build-up inside of your equipment.  This is accomplished via an ion exchange within the softening "grains" in the cartridge.  A softener has no effect of other aspects of your water quality.  Many people think they have "good" water, but taste or clarity is no indication of the mineral content of your water. Water reports containing this information are available from your local water district office.  The effective life of the cartridge is a direct relation between the PPM "hardness" of your water and the total grains in the softener cartridge.  This can be determined with the following equations PPM/17.1=GPG (grains of hardness per gallon),  total cartridge grains/GPG=Total treated gallons.
      An example would be, water hardness of 45 PPM and an 1100 grain softening cartridge; 45/17.1=2.6GPG, 1100/2.6GPG=423 gallons of treated water.  Once the effective lifespan of a cartrdge has been exceeded, there is NO benefit or protection to your equipment.

Two-stage Combination systems: 
      Combining the carbon based water filter AND a softening cartridge offers the best of both worlds providing the improved taste of filtered water with the protection to your equipment from the softener cartridge.


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